Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Attorneys Telling the Truth, Even if News is Not Good

First, the hallmark of a good lawyer is that he or she will tell a client the truth,
 and not pretend that everything is easy or fast.
 Pointing out the good and bad possibilities will give clients a better idea 
of what they are facing. 
A good lawyer gives clients truthful facts, and sometimes, bad news. WHY?  
Because we deal with reality, not fiction, not stories, not lies.
In divorce cases there may seem to be crummy news... you want 
an attorney that you feel- cares about your situation, who 
genuinely wants to help you, and isn't just there to take your 
hard earned income.  Some of the following may be issues, or may take place:
--There will not necessarily be enough money to 
maintain the same living style you were used to.... 
--Possibly,  the family home will have to be sold. 
In some cases, the parties may have options they don't know about.
--Parent may spend more time, or  less time with the children than before....
--Parents who are either highly anxious, on medication 
or have ongoing mental issues, may feel 
overburdened emotionally and have difficulty
 in coping with changes involving children
--The children may misbehave or exhibit other
 problems, which may take time to solve 
Clients sometimes don't understand how the law 
operates,  and may be surprised or upset to find 
out how it might affect them.
Unfortunately, this
 will likely be somewhat common in many cases
as the issue of having less money and two households
is fairly typical in family law for the
 most part. It won't be all fun and games.
But at least having an attorney that seriously wants
to win your case for you is a good start.

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