Sunday, September 30, 2018

Is Your Problem Listed Below?

Do You Need Help with Any of these Situations Below:   

Attorney has experience in all of these situations and far more
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 Winning Your Support or Modification Motion 
Motions and hearings; Changing Visitation

Child Support Raised or Lowered
Spousal Support--Temporary, Long Term..They are VERY Different

Modification of Orders
Fixing Improper Orders

Reconsideration (strict time limit and rules)
Set Aside of Errant Orders or Judgments

Mediation Issues and understanding how it works
How to Get Prepared!

Actual abuse issues, Domestic violence
Fake domestic violence, and how to approach

Fake spousal abuse, and what to do
Real spousal abuse, but you never reported it?

Using Facebook-- and how it can harm you

You Fight Online by Texting too much? Could it Come back to Haunt You?

Bragging and Partying Online Posting, Causes Less Time with Kids

Supervised Visitation as a Penalty--- and You are Going Broke

You Never Had Legal Help or an Attorney

Child Support Arrears are very high

You signed a document and never understood what it actually meant

Kicked out of House by Ex who Lied in Court?

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